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Established in 2001, JEAK has continuously adapted and evolved to provide the latest technological knowledge to its diverse user base. Initially, it was a web portal focused on content creation, meeting the digital needs of its era.

By 2014, JEAK transformed into a rich directory for marketers, technology professionals, and skilled workers. Its aim was to serve as a centralized hub of valuable knowledge and resources for a rapidly changing professional landscape.

Fast forward to July 2023, JEAK undertook a significant transformation once again. The site now mainly focuses on Artificial Intelligence, offering a comprehensive web directory tailored for this expansive domain. Read our story

Founder – Dani Tadmori

Dani Tadmori, the driving force behind JEAK, is a dedicated web developer with a vision. Passionate about technology and its democratizing potential, he envisions JEAK as a platform that makes complex knowledge accessible to everyone. The different phases of JEAK mirror this commitment, each catering to the demands of their respective eras.


Our mission at JEAK is clear and powerful: “Jump Easily At Knowledge.” We are committed to breaking down the intricacies of AI, turning complex jargon into understandable information. JEAK is here to guide you on your AI journey, whether you’re just starting or are already an expert.
Mission details


We see a future where AI is not an expert-only field but is smoothly integrated into everyday life and professions. JEAK aspires to be the platform that connects users with AI, equipping them with the necessary tools, resources, and knowledge to harness AI’s potential in their fields.
Vision details

Core Values


At JEAK, we value making knowledge accessible to everyone, which is why we are committed to providing a freely accessible web directory.


We strive to ensure only the best and most relevant information is provided, vetting resources to maintain high standards within their categories.


As AI evolves, so do we. We stay current with the AI revolution, regularly updating our database with the latest AI resources.


Amid the complexities of AI, we are committed to maintaining a user-friendly interface for easy navigation and comprehension.


JEAK is a platform built on collective contributions. We believe in the power of community, gathering resources and knowledge from AI enthusiasts and experts worldwide.

The JEAK Collective

JEAK’s extensive directory is powered by a global community of contributors – web developers, AI experts, content creators, and UX designers. Each individual brings their unique skills and insights to the platform, adding to JEAK’s dynamism and growth.
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Furthermore, JEAK continues to provide knowledge in audio and video production domains and has a subsidiary radio streaming service focused on delivering music that promotes focus and relaxation.

As we continue this exciting journey, we promise to uphold our mission, vision, and values. Join us, and together, let’s ‘Jump Easily At Knowledge’ with JEAK.