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About is a platform which helps individuals present their Expertise, Talents, Skill-sets, Services and Social Networks in a professional way.

Jeak was launched in 2015 with a vision of using the most advanced technologies available to create an elegantly modern, fast and easy way for individuals to offer personal services, meet potential customers or interesting people in their area. The platform is global, but adapted to local needs.

The first objective of JEAK is to help users create a presentation layer for themselves. The presentation layer includes a list of ones Skills, Education and Social presence on the web. Users can optionally link and verify their account with other social media networks (such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). This “Link and Verify” feature will ensure that the users are not using someone else identity or social links. Allowing for quality users and fighting against spam or fake profiles.

The presentation layer will also include recent social interactions (tweets, posts…etc) made by the user. Finally the presentation layer will include the detailed and complete list of the user’s Skill Sets.

The second objective of the “JEAK – Social Layer” project is to create a virtual collaboration framework, where experts (professionals in different areas) can suggest new Skill Sets in their domain of expertise. Regular site users who add value to the site by collaborating will eventually be promoted to an expert level.

Jeak is currently available in the English language via and an Android mobile application.