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Enhance Your AI Presence with JEAK's Marketing Services.

At JEAK, we’re dedicated to providing a range of solutions that not only cater to the AI enthusiasts but also offer opportunities for businesses to increase their visibility. Our diverse offerings are tailored to serve both individuals and organizations, upholding JEAK’s commitment to bridging the gap between AI resources and its seekers.

Guaranteed Directory Submission

Taking the first step into the realm of Artificial Intelligence has never been easier. With our Guaranteed Directory Submission service, businesses and AI professionals can be assured of their inclusion in our comprehensive web directory. Upon a one-time payment, we guarantee the addition of your website and a detailed description of your company to the JEAK directory. This service offers entry under one category, with the opportunity to be listed under multiple categories upon additional submissions. For those seeking visibility without added highlights or effects, this solution is ideal. Get Listed

Sponsored Directory Promotion

The world of Artificial Intelligence is vast and ever-evolving. To truly shine and be noticed in such a dynamic field, businesses need a powerful platform. Enter JEAK’s Sponsored Directory Promotion service. When you choose this service, your company’s entry doesn’t just get listed; it gets promoted, ensuring it catches the eye of our dedicated audience. Unlike the standard guaranteed submission, this premium service amplifies your listing’s visibility, connecting you to a broader spectrum of AI enthusiasts and professionals. At JEAK, our mission is to champion businesses that are pioneering change in the AI arena. The Sponsored Directory Promotion service stands as a testament to that commitment. Embrace the opportunity to stand out and align with the best in the AI community. (Coming Q4 2023)

Advertising on JEAK Radio

Our commitment to enhancing the user experience is multifaceted. JEAK radio, our immersive audio platform, offers music designed to inspire, energize, and maintain focus. For businesses looking to merge their messaging with our curated content, we offer advertising slots. By integrating your brand into our streaming service, you reach an engaged and active community, ensuring impactful communication of your brand story or offerings. Stream Radio

Collaborative Opportunities

At JEAK, we’re more than just a platform; we’re a worldwide community united by our love for AI. We offer a unique space where both AI experts and enthusiasts come together to share and learn. We welcome businesses to join in, share their knowledge, and be recognized as leaders in the AI field. We encourage businesses to join this collective, sharing insights, knowledge, and expertise. By contributing, companies position themselves as thought leaders in the AI space, building trust and rapport within our community.

At JEAK, our solutions are framed with mutual benefits in mind: fostering knowledge sharing, amplifying visibility, and nurturing community engagement. As AI continues to shape our world, we want you by our side. Be a part of the JEAK story. Join our community

Adherence to JEAK’s Terms and Conditions

It’s essential for our clientele to recognize that every submission, regardless of the service opted for, is bound by JEAK’s Terms and Conditions. We maintain the right to assess each submission thoroughly and, if necessary, reject any website that does not align with our terms. In scenarios where a submission is declined due to its content being contrary to our terms, rest assured, a full refund will be processed. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in ensuring that JEAK remains a credible and valuable resource for all users.