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Optional Add-Ons


Taking your JEAK Directory listing to the next level is now within reach! With our exclusive Optional Add-ons, we provide additional features that can elevate your brand’s visibility and portrayal within our directory. Whether it’s by showcasing your logo, connecting audiences directly to your vibrant social media platforms, or ensuring broader exposure through multiple category listings, we’ve got you covered. Please note, these add-ons are only available if you’ve purchased or are purchasing our Guaranteed Directory Submission service.

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Enhance Your Directory Entry

In today’s dynamic AI landscape, having a mere directory listing might not suffice for businesses seeking to truly differentiate themselves. Every brand wants to stand out, connect more deeply with the audience, and be remembered. However, amidst hundreds of listings, how do you ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle? Our Optional Add-ons are the answer.

  • Broaden Your Reach: Feature in multiple categories and tap into diverse AI interest groups.
  • Stay Socially Connected: Link up to 10 of your brand’s social media platforms directly from your directory listing.
  • Brand Recognition: Enhance brand recall with your distinctive logo.
  • Seamless Integration: All add-ons are designed for a smooth user experience.
  • Affordability: Boost your brand’s directory presence without breaking the bank.
Why stay ordinary when you can be extraordinary? Opt for our Optional Add-ons and let your JEAK Directory listing shine brighter than ever!
  • Easy Implementation: Our team ensures that your add-ons are seamlessly integrated.
  • Customization: Choose the add-ons that resonate most with your brand’s objectives.
  • Quick Turnaround: Once selected, your add-ons will be live in no time.
  • Complementary to Your Listing: Each add-on is designed to complement and elevate your primary directory listing.
  • Exclusivity: Reserved only for our “Guaranteed Directory Submission” clients, ensuring premium quality across listings.

Service Details:

  • Additional Category Listing: Widen your audience reach by featuring in more than one category – $39 per category.
  • Social Media Links: Boost engagement by linking directly to up to 10 of your brand’s social platforms – $49 one-time fee.
  • Logo Addition: Amplify brand recognition and recall by showcasing your unique logo – $39 one-time fee.

Our Optional Add-ons are more than just features; they’re opportunities. Opportunities to connect, engage, and resonate with our diverse and dedicated AI community.

When combined with our Guaranteed Directory Submission, these add-ons work in synergy to magnify your brand’s impact. Dive deeper, make your mark, and let the world of AI enthusiasts discover what makes your brand truly special.

Ready to stand out? Choose your add-ons now and redefine your JEAK Directory presence!