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Screenshot of Kaiber AI

Kaiber Studio positions itself as an AI creative lab that caters to the artistic community, offering a suite of generative audio and video tools designed to enhance creativity. Their platform is artist-centric, focusing on intuitive and powerful features that simplify the creative process.

Among the core features of Kaiber Studio is Audioreactivity, which creates visuals that dynamically respond to music and sound, offering a synchronized audio-visual experience. The Animation feature allows users to animate still images, adding movement and life to static visuals. Another notable feature is Transform, which provides the ability to alter the appearance of videos with simplicity and speed.

Additional features include Storyboard, a tool designed to streamline the narrative creation process, allowing for seamless prompt-to-prompt design. Kaiber Studio also houses a Gallery, a source of endless inspiration where users can explore a wide range of creative works. Each feature on the platform is crafted to empower artists to unlock new realms of digital expression.

Kaiber Studio offers three pricing tiers for its AI creative services: Explorer, Pro, and Artist.

Explorer Tier:

Price: $5/month
Offers a 7-day free trial with 100 credits
Monthly billing for 300 credits
Enables creation of 1-minute videos
Access to the Gallery and all basic features like Audioreactivity, Animation, Transform, Image-to-Video, Select camera movements, Storyboard, and any aspect ratio
Pro Tier:

Price: $15/month
Provides 1,000 credits per month and discounted credit packs
Allows creation of 8-minute videos
Includes all features available to Explorer tier
Offers the ability to upscale to 1080p & 4K
Artist Tier:

Price: $30/month
Allocates 2,500 credits monthly with discounted credit packs
Grants beta access to test new Kaiber features
Permits creation of 8-minute videos
Includes all features available to Pro tier
Each tier is designed to cater to different levels of creator commitment, from casual to power users, with increasing credits and capabilities at each level. The higher tiers particularly offer more for committed and professional creators, including extended video lengths and the option to upscale the resolution, ensuring a range of options suitable for a variety of creative needs.

I recently signed up for the free trial which gave me very less number of credits, and the outcome of the generated text to video did not impress me. in fact when you look at their existing gallery you will notice that this Ai tool does not stand up to the competition out there, needless to say that the subscription plans are not that cheap. the lowest plan of $5/month only gives you 300 credits with a max of 1 min videos, that is too short and useless knowing that the models are not stable and the video generated is all over the place with different objects being created out of nothing. to me it is simply useless - I would not recommend.

Dani Tadmori