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Screenshot of is a cutting-edge platform designed to redefine the boundaries of digital creativity through AI-driven image and video generation, coupled with an innovative model training feature. This platform provides creators, artists, and developers with powerful tools to bring their visions to life. Image Generation starts with selecting the perfect model to fit your creative needs, followed by customizing image dimensions, quantity, prompt scaling, and even utilizing negative prompts to refine the output. The intuitive interface includes a magic wand for prompt suggestions, making the process seamless and user-friendly.”

In Video Generation, offers similar customization options, including model selection, image dimensions tailored for video output, and camera movement preferences to enhance visual storytelling. The prompt-based system ensures that each video is uniquely aligned with the creator’s vision. Model Training sets apart, offering users the chance to upload their images and train a custom AI model. Whether opting for a 2D or Real base model, creators can personalize their AI to reflect a specific character or artistic style, marking a new era of personalized digital creation.

Free Tier:

Price: $0.00 per month
Points: 50
Features: Train up to 3 models per month
Restrictions: Watermark on output, no private generations, and no concurrent generations
Standard Tier:

Price: $9.00 per month
Points: 1,000 per month
Features: Generate 500 HD Images, 125 4s HD videos, 62 8s HD videos, and remix up to 25 videos. Train up to 15 models per month
Added benefits: No watermark, private generations
Restrictions: No concurrent generations
Pro Tier (Recommended):

Price: $29.00 per month
Points: 4,000 per month
Features: Generate 2,000 HD Images, 500 4s HD videos, 250 8s HD videos, and remix up to 100 videos. Train up to 30 models per month
Added benefits: No watermark, private generations, and 3 concurrent generations
Mega Tier:

Price: $60.00 per month
Points: 10,000 per month
Features: Generate 5,000 HD Images, 1,250 4s HD videos, 625 8s HD videos, and remix up to 250 videos. Train up to 50 models per month
Added benefits: No watermark, private generations, and 5 concurrent generations

The tools seems interesting, but still have sometime to mature and compete with the big players.

The tiered offerings are structured to cater to a wide range of users, from those who are just starting out and may not want to commit financially (Free tier), to heavy users who need a lot of resources (Mega tier). The points system suggests a pay-as-you-go approach where different actions consume different points, offering flexibility within each tier.

The higher tiers offer greater value for more frequent users, with significant increases in the number of points and thus the volume of content they can generate or the number of models they can train. Notably, the Pro tier is highlighted as "Recommended," which suggests that it offers the best balance between cost and features for most users.

The absence of watermarks, availability of private generations, and the ability to perform concurrent generations are valuable features for professional or commercial use, and these are incrementally unlocked as users move up the tiers. This setup encourages users to upgrade as their needs grow.

The Free tier allows users to explore the basic capabilities of the platform, but it comes with limitations that could motivate serious users to move to a paid tier for more features and fewer restrictions. It is an excellent strategy to attract new users and provide them with the opportunity to test the platform's capabilities.

Overall, provides a scalable pricing model that can accommodate a variety of users and usage intensities, making it a versatile platform for individual creators, small businesses, and larger enterprises alike.

Dani Tadmori